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ABREASIA Distributing Company registered at No (___) as a limited company, started its activities under the regulations of Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2003.

The company imports medicines, veterinary medicines and materials, medical equipment, Cosmetic, Hygienic and other health care products from the Turkish well-known and liable companies under the laws and regulations of Afghanistan state and direct supervision of the MOPH.

Now ABREASIA Co.Ltd is a credible and leading company. It is the exclusive representative of Turkish well-know company which imports high quality drugs for many pharmaceutical dosage forms As well as a special position in providing the required drugs for the community, the company tries to observe the law and principal of ministry of health and ministry of commerce of Afghanistan in the best possible way as well as being a good trustee for them, The most important goal of ABREASIA Co.Ltd, according to its statute, is the import and supply of high quality Products which provide a great competitive edge in the pharmaceutical market and also the continuous increase in patients' and consumers' satisfaction Besides the efforts the company wants to highlight its presence in the domestic markets in Afghanistan through the importing of required drugs for the community and to fulfill the company's innovative goals by achieving suitable profitability.


The corporate objective is to actively participate and become a premier player in the rapidly growing market in the region, focusing on the segments where the company provides products and services to the local and regional economies, thus making the company successful in maintaining a stable and impressive position.


We develop, export and market high quality products to serve the community and help improve the quality of human life.


To be perceive as the leading and liable distributive drug company in Afghanistan.

Our Services at A Glance:

Our devotion and enthusiasm towards (Our expertise is a commitment to being the best ) slogan in Abreasia Co Ltd is considered as the main motive for daily activities towards improvement which forms the foundation and basis of the company duties. According to this foundation, this company was created so that:


  • Importing the highest quality drugs, veterinary drugs and materials, medical equipment, disposable equipment, osmotic and cerelac from the best and well- known Turkish Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Procurement and distribution the highest quality drugs to the hospitals, clinics and drugstores all over the Afghanistan.
  • Procurement and distribution the essential veterinary drugs and materials.
  • Procurement and distribution the highest quality drugs to the internal and foreigner organization in Afghanistan.
  • Giving medicinal information about exported drugs to the doctors, pharmacist and health personal.
  • Providing branch to the important provinces of Afghanistan.
  • Giving essential medicinal information and direction by publishing medical magazine and poster.
  • Training of drug marketing to the pharmacists, doctors and other health personnel.
  • Giving health information to the community.
  • Making employment opportunities.

    Management Board

    The management expertism provides the company with a unique and exceptional knowledge, experience and resources for considering investments in a wide variety of segments geographical regions. The management team is a group of seasoned investment professionals led by Dr.Arsalan Karimi, a prominent entrepreneur of Afghanistan, who as usual, brings together significant experience and skill to convert each business opportunity in to success. The team maintains high-level ethical and professional standards.

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